How to get an Audi vehicle without emptying your wallet at the beginning of your career?

Whether for a graduation gift, or to change your old rusty wreck, buying or financing a vehicle is not a decision that is taken lightly. Several factors come into play from the beginning of his research. What kind of vehicle do you want? What use will you make of it? All these questions must be asked at the beginning. Now, how to get an Audi vehicle without breaking the bank? This is what our consultants at Audi Lévis will explain in the following lines.

Understand the main ways to get a car

Above all, it is necessary to know the three main methods of buying a vehicle, whether new or used.

1) Cash payment
Pay "cash" as they say, it is pay the entire amount on the purchase of the vehicle. This is commonly done when the vehicle is used on trading sites like Kijiji or LesPAC. However, it is also possible to do this for the purchase of a new vehicle. Indeed, many people save over a long period of time or have the necessary funds in the immediate future to make a cash purchase. The advantage is to have peace of mind. You keep the vehicle and it is paid in full. The disadvantage is the amount to pay. So there is a long preparation to put money aside to make it happen. This can be a hindrance when one begins one's career or one is newly graduated. What if you can not afford to pay the entire sum?

2) Purchase financing
In order to answer the previous question, the purchase financing is done for that. By keeping the idea of ​​keeping your vehicle for a long period of time, financing your purchase would be a viable option. You have the same benefits of cash payment, the only difference being that you will pay for several months. To do this, Audi Lévis puts at your disposal its payment calculator to evaluate your monthly payments. This tool gives you an estimate of the payments to be made according to these criteria: • The price of the desired vehicle;
• the down payment (down payment);
• The annual interest rate (depending on the dealer or your bank);
• The duration (normally from 12 to 84 months);
Ask one of our advisors for more information on purchase financing. You will get more advantageous interest rates than those of the big banks.

3) The rental over a period of time
Now, if you are the type of person who likes novelty or have other short-term goals, probably renting would be a better choice. However, since you will probably not hold the vehicle when it is due, there are certain conditions to follow. For example, the number of kilometers allocated annually. It usually ranges from 12,000 km to 25,000 km. Despite these restrictions, renting has a great advantage over monthly payments. Indeed, they will be lower because the vehicle will not be yours at maturity (although you can keep it for an additional disbursement). Moreover, Audi Lévis offers the Audi Sans Souci program: Waiver of excessive wear. This cover saves you some wear and tear charges at the end of your rental up to $ 10,000. A good plan for those who venture into the trails or against the basics of winter.

Prepare for the purchase, lease or financing of your next Audi vehicle

Finally, it is time to make a decision or even to predict that moment. That of buying or renting your Audi vehicle. Set your goals in the first place. When you do not know what you want, it's better not to make a decision too quickly. Here are some examples to put on paper:
• The car model;
• His budget;
• The length of time before the purchase;
• Average mileage in a year;
• His tastes, desires and certain characteristics that we like;
• Etc.

Look for used models. The Audi A3 and A4 are great choices and you can find them at great prices in our inventory. As it's a big time in a lifetime, ask your loved ones, your financial planner and even one of our Audi Lévis consultants. We are here to guide you to the best choice. Enjoy your purchase

Finally, once you have taken action, have fun!
Be careful, but when you drive an Audi, it is to be one with the road, and with style.

If you have just graduated, congratulations and we look forward to handing you your keys!